This journey started as a way to feel connected to the places I was missing: Ohio, Lake Erie, and Vermont. It grew into practice that helped me put down new roots and draw connections to my new home in Idaho.

My goal for Neatline Designs is to create beautiful artwork to stick, hang, and wear as a reminder of where we are, where we've been, where we come from, or perhaps even where we are going.

You’ve probably had that experience, seeing an Idaho bumper sticker when you’re on a highway in Maine, and you feel the desire to wave and smile at the other driver. Or you’re on vacation in Vancouver and the person in the barstool next to you has your hometown on a t-shirt. There’s that instant bond.

I can only hope that these doodles of mine foster connections to people, to places, to our planet, and to a sense of self... stick around, explore a little, and maybe find yourself drifting to some memory or space that brings you warmth.

✌ 🖤

August 13, 2021 — Kate O'Brien