Hi! I’m Kate O’Brien, an Ohio native currently based in Idaho, and the artist behind Neatline Designs.

Neatline is a graphics and illustration experimentation that was born from staff meeting doodles.  I teach middle school art, but when I'm not in the classroom (or trying to wrap my head around the latest Gen Z trends) I work on my own artistic practice - focusing primarily on mixed media work, radial designs, and environmental issues. 

On the weekends, I can often be found climbing on mountains and swimming in rivers, always with a sketchbook nearby. I like to find places that make me feel small. (Though at 5’1” that’s not too difficult. Let’s face it – a room full of 8th graders can make me feel small). For me, feeling small in nature is an important reminder of how vast our planet is and how comparatively insignificant life's more mundane problems are. 

In my mandala designs I strive to deeply examine the experiences and feelings I’ve encountered while exploring the world. The designs and colors are inspired by nature and a sense of place. The patterns capture the simple, organic, and geometric lines of the natural world. 

Surrounded by endless inspiration, I am constantly growing and evolving my artistic practice. If there is a space or special place that you’d like to see represented by my art, I would love to hear from you. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact form here

I am actively taking suggestions for new pieces, and would love to bring my work to you in the form of original art, murals, or perhaps a sticker for your coffee mug :)

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