Let's work together to make something special for your wedding, birthday, vacation, or anything else you plan to celebrate! 

A unique piece of art is perfect way to commemorate your special occasion. 

The hand drawn Ohio Mandala below was colored with the couples wedding colors.  After, the art was scanned the wedding date was added to the upper corner digitally.  The couple then gave these custom stickers as a wedding favor! 


This couple had friends and family traveling for their big day and wanted to incorporate the destination into the design. The stickers adorned thoughtful welcome bags intended to make their guests more comfortable during their stay.  













This mountain mandala design features one of the couple's favorite hiking destinations. The colors in the setting sun were inspired by the spring wildflower blooms that would fill the bride's bouquet.  These stickers were also gifted as wedding favors - the bride and groom commented that they loved to see them on their friend's water bottles and coolers. 

Have an idea for a sticker or greeting card that will add a personal touch to your wedding day, 60th birthday celebration, or other major life milestone?

Get in touch, let's brainstorm and make some magic happen!