Stretch and Explore was born from workplace doodles.  As an art teacher the term comes up a lot.  "Stretch and Explore" is one of the 8 Studio Habits of Mind  a framework developed through a Harvard Project Zero Study.  The study identifies and describes a set of habits or characteristics that working artists posses.  When artists Stretch and Explore they play, try new things, and make and learn from mistakes - LOVE IT.  It's my favorite Studio Habit to teach and embrace in my own art making. 

I loved it so much I made it my name...but if never really felt like mine. As my business has grown I've felt I needed something more unique to me.  Commence the brainstorm.  

Props go to the little bro for ultimately coming up with this one...

According to Merriam Webster a neat-line isthe innermost of a series of lines that frame a map or mechanical drawing. Yassssss.

After much deliberation (including strongly considering an alternative name  only to find out a lesser known meaning of my seemingly made up word is to dig in the dirt with a snout...) I decided that Neatline Designs successfully represents my brand. Most of my work is rooted in a sense of place and quite literally within the lines of maps.  I also work with "neat" lines, get it? eh? eh? 

Stretch and Explore is not gone forever.  I foresee it making an appearance in the grander scheme of this crazy art endeavor sooner or later.. maybe art and yoga adventures that embrace a more literal take of the words "stretch" and "explore"?!